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Caring for your zipster

Bamboo is a natural fibre which provides amazing qualities, however it also requires a bit of extra care.

This page will give you advice about the best way to care for your Zipster products to ensure they can get as much life as possible.

We strongly recommend customers follow the washing instructions before use. Returns cannot be accepted if the instructions have not been followed.

About bamboo

At Zipster, we believe in only using the best fabrics. We choose bamboo because it's got so many amazing qualities that makes it the perfect choice for your little one.

Not only is it sustainable, but it's the softest fabric around, and its natural fibres mean it helps you and your baby get a better night sleep.


As bamboo is a natural fibre (think cashmere), it must be washed cold to keep it's vibrant colours and soft material.

Most washing machines have a 'COLD' wash setting for you to use. Please note that 30°C is too hot for bamboo.


To avoid shrinkage or piling, hanging to dry is strongly advised for all of our bamboo products.

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