ZIPSTER™ Estampado de Leopardo

Precio de oferta$43.20 USD
Style: Leopard Print
Tamaño: NB (50/56)


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Zipsters son  imprescindibles, que proporcionan comodidad a tu bebé y sencillez para ti.

Para los detalles:

Las prendas Zipster están hechas con un 95 % de bambú supersuave y elástico y con un 5 % de elastano. No agrede la piel de tu bebé y por sus cualidades es perfecto para cualquier época del año. Aquí puedes ver por qué nos gusta tanto el bambú.

Cremalleras bidireccionales que quedan totalmente ocultas para una mayor seguridad y con tiradores expresamente diseñados para padres con manos muy pequeñas o muy grandes. 

Las mangas se doblan sobre las manos hasta la talla 12M para evitar arañazos durante la noche, y sobre los pies en todas las tallas.


We’re restocking prints as fast as we can but it can take 3-6 months to restock a print once it is sold out. If you have your eye on a pattern, grab it while you can!

Why we love Zipsters

Two-Way Zipper Openings

Open from the top to change your baby's outfit, or open from the bottom to change your baby's nappy whilst keeping them warm and cosy: Both your baby and you will love how easy nappy changes become!

Fold Over Hands and Feet

With Fold over hands (up to 12 months) and Feet (All Sizes) your baby can avoid scratching their face, whilst also keeping cozy warm - and not having lost odd socks is a bonus!

Over 50 different designs

Whether you prefer bright, bold or beautifully neutral, we have the perfect design for you. From fruits, to animal prints, to mountain scenes, the choice is yours.

Available in Matching Kids Sizes

Mix and match your kids and yourselves with matching patterns for the whole family.

Our children's sets go up to 6 years old, and are guaranteed to make your little ones the coolest kids around.

The perfect babygrow

Zipsters are made from super soft and stretchy 95% bamboo and 5% elastane. We are confident they are the best babygrow ever, and hope you agree!