Cotton Muslin Cloths With Wooden Animal

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100% cotton baby comforter blanket with wooden teething toy

In partnership with Beacon Products London. Your little one will love snuggling up and getting cosy with our super-soft comforter blanket. Crafted from 100% cotton and designed with you and your child firmly in mind, our snuggly blankets are fully washable, so can be popped in the washing machine after use. Each comforter comes with a beautifully-crafted wooden animal-shaped teething toy to keep your child entertained.

Product features:

  • Super-soft 100% cotton - Lovingly crafted, with a soft and snuggly feel that both you and your child will love.
  • Your choice of colour - We have carefully selected 4 lovely colour ways, so that there's something to suit everyone. 
  • Beautifully designed wooden animal teething toy - Each blanket comes with a wooden animal ring for touch, teething and play. The toy can also be used as a hook to hang the blanket up, and easily detached for washing.
  • Fully washable - Simply pop in the washing machine to clean - especially useful if used to wipe up stray drips after a feed.
  • Child-safe - Our teething toy and comforter blanket are both BPA-free, so you know they are safe for you and your baby.
Color: Pink

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